Alphabet City Drinking Water Quality Solution

Alphabet City Drinking Water Solution : Watergen

Alphabet City water quality issues may be negatively impacting the health of local residents. Groundwater contamination and recycled pharmaceuticals are talked about as a water-quality challenge for many residents near Alphabet City. Ensuring the delivery of high quality water is a shared responsibility however bottled water stop-gaps don't solve the problem. This company actually has a solution for poor drinking water. It has water creation units that extract pure drinking water right out of the Alphabet City air.

Alphabet City businesses, schools and home owners can now make great tasting pure drinking water out of Alphabet City air! That's right, you don't need to worry if your filter is getting clogged, or if chemicals and pharmaceuticals are making it through your filters, just extract the water you want to drink right out of the air.

Abundant Quality Alphabet City Drinking Water from the Air

"Watergen President Mirilashvili, says: “There was once a time in our not so distant history, when smoke alarms and color TVs were considered extra bells and whistles in households. This is how we envision our atmospheric water generator and its application for at-home use.”

“We have cracked the code on solving a real ecological issue, economic issue and functional issue, for real people using the best engineering and science, not fiction,” he added.

Units built in the USA by Watergen use a patented technology that turns Alphabet City air into drinking water. They are launching an at-home appliance (for Alphabet City residents) that is believed will drastically change the water consumption industry.

Alphabet City

Ideal for homes and offices, GENNY provides a secure and reliable water source, eliminating daily dependency on bottled water and on the quality or availability of bad tasting Alphabet City tap water. Other units are much larger generators. Download the brochure for details.

"The device, dubbed the “Genny,” is a water generator capable of producing between 25-30 liters (6.6-7.9 gallons) of water per day using the company’s GENius technology.

The Genny works similarly to Watergen’s other systems and operates in three ways: first, air is drawn into the machine, where dust and dirt are removed; clean air is then directed through the Genius heat exchange, which is then cooled and condensed; the resulting water is ultimately channeled through a multi-stage filtering system to remove impurities, add minerals, resulting in fresh drinking water that is then stored in a built-in reservoir, according to the company." (1)


Fix Bad Tasting Alphabet City Tap Water

Watergen : water from air generators that provide a renewable source of clean and fresh drinking water.
Watergen USA
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Miami, FL 33169
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